• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Do I have to pay to park?

      A:  Parking is free for students in the Horner Garage, located at 1935 San Jacinto Street, Dallas, TX 75201. Take your parking ticket to security for validation.  We do not validate parking for the Ross garage.

    • Q: Is there a way I can get updated with upcoming School of the Arts events?

      A:  Yes.  You can sign up for our monthly newsletter on the home page and/or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  You can also text "@FirstDal" to 81010 to receive text message reminders & updates. 

    • Q: Do I need past experience?

      A:  Absolutely not!  It is never too late to learn.  Our instructors are skilled at teaching students of every level and age group.

    • Q: Is the School of the Arts only for children?

      A:  Absolutely not!  It is never too late to learn.  Our instructors are skilled at teaching every level and age group.

    • Q: How often should I practice?

      A:  Students should estimate practice time to be three times the lesson length per week.  For example, if the student takes a 30 minute lesson, they should practice on their own for an additional 90 minutes per week.

    • Q: Do I need to own a piano or keyboard?

      A:  No.  Although it can be helpful to students who already have some piano ability, it is not necessary.

    • Q: I’ve been told I’m tone-deaf. Should I even try?

      A:  Unfortunately, the term “tone-deaf” has been widely used in an incorrect fashion. Barring any hearing impairments, most people do possess the ability to effectively learn to sing on key.

    • Q: How do you schedule lessons?

      A:  When you register there is a place for you to enter the days and times that work best for you.  Our office will look at your schedule and the availability of the teacher to try and find a time that works best for both of you.  The sooner you register the better chance you have at getting the time that works best for you.  Students who wait until the last minute to register are subject to times the teacher still has available.  Teachers will reach out to their students to introduce themselves and confirm lesson times at least one week before lessons begin.  You should receive your lesson time no later than 1 week prior to classes beginning.  

    • Q: Something has come up and I’ll have to cancel my lessons. Can I get a refund?

      A:  If you need to cancel, send an email to info@firstdallasarts.com prior to the Add/Drop Deadline and we will refund your tuition (minus your registration fee and any lessons you have already taken).  

    • Q: I need to miss a lesson. Will it be made up?

      A:  We understand that often times things come up that are out of our control so we do offer 1 complementary make-up lesson.  You should work with your instructor to make up that lesson.  Additional messed lessons will not be rescheduled and can not be transferred to a future semester.  

    • Q: I can’t afford to pay for the entire semester up front. Do you have other payment options?

      A: Yes, we offer a 3 payment installment plan.  Your tuition is divided into 3 equal payments.  Your first installment will be due by the first day of lessons and it will include your registration fee.  Your second payment will be due approximately a month after that and your third payment a month after that.  For exact dates please see the semester calendar.

    • Q: How long is a lesson? How often are lessons? How long is the semester?

      A:  Lessons are given in 30, 45 or 60 minute time slots.  Students will take 1 lesson per week for 12 weeks.  Weekly lessons are recommended for retaining concepts. For voice, 30 minute lessons are typically sufficient for children under 10.  Older and dedicated children can benefit from 45 and 60 minute lessons. The summer semester is 10 weeks in length.

    • Q: Will there be an opportunity to showcase what I or my children have learned this semester?

      A:  Yes.  The School of the Arts will host a showcase at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Please see the semester calendar for the exact date.  

    • Q: Who do I contact if I have an emergency and can not make my lesson?

      A:  Contact your instructor first.  Typically calling them or sending a text is the best form of contact.  You can always leave a message with the Music Office at 214-969-2494.

    • Q: How to I pay my tuition?

      A: An invoice will be emailed to you after registration with instructions on logging in and making payments. For additional information, email info@firstdallasarts.com.